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Workshops and Trainings

Explore the world of sustainability through our diverse workshops, ranging from comprehensive introductions to in-depth strategy sessions. Our focus goes beyond imparting knowledge, emphasizing the development of concrete strategies and actions. With a team experienced in participatory and creative workshop methods, we employ innovative approaches like Design Thinking, Co-Creation, and Scenario Techniques to collaboratively devise solutions with you. Each workshop provides an interactive platform where ideas flourish, concepts evolve, and sustainable strategies unfold.


Whether you are just entering the realm of sustainability or targeting specific themes, our workshops provide a space for inspiring exchanges, practical applications, and the formulation of tangible steps toward a sustainable future. Immerse yourself and actively contribute to shaping a more sustainable world.




Discover the world of sustainability in our practical introductory workshops for businesses. We not only convey the fundamentals but also demonstrate how sustainability impacts your company. Learn about legal requirements, opportunities for development, and practical solutions. Gain skilled professionals, reduce risks, and achieve a competitive edge through a sustainable corporate strategy. In interactive sessions, we collaboratively develop practical solutions for your sustainable success.




In our strategy workshops, we go beyond the basics, focusing on the practical elaboration of topics, measures, priorities, and initial steps for stakeholder and materiality analyses. Together, we create an interactive platform where not only concepts emerge but also concrete steps for implementing your sustainability strategy. Our strategy workshops offer a space for in-depth discussions, idea generation, and the formulation of clear steps to orient your company toward a future-oriented and sustainable direction.


Deep Dives


In our deep dive workshops, we offer you the opportunity to delve into specific topics, build expertise, and develop approaches for your everyday work. Whether it's addressing current legal requirements like CSRD, CSDD, or LkSG or exploring specific fields such as Sustainable Leadership, Sustainability in Procurement, Circular Economy, or Sustainable Innovation Management – we provide tailored workshops for your interests and needs.




Immerse yourself in the world of scenario workshops, where we analyze the potential impacts of future developments on your business model and develop strategies. In this interactive environment, we collaboratively develop not only an understanding of various scenarios but also proactive and flexible strategies to optimally prepare your company for upcoming challenges and opportunities. Be ready to shape the future with us and set your company on a sustainable and successful course!

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