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Transformation Management 

Sustainability is much more than a project - it is a continuous learning process. To effectively exploit the opportunities that more sustainable business models bring, transformation skills are needed: the ability to continuously adapt and grow. We offer tailor-made solutions that enable organizations not only to develop sustainable strategies, but also to anchor them successfully in their corporate life. From strategy development to implementation, we accompany our clients on their path to long-term ecological, social and economic responsibility.


Capacity building


We have developed training and further education modules, workshops, webinars and e-learning modules whose content can be adapted in advance to the wishes of the participants. This enables participants to learn the basics of a holistic understanding of sustainability, take a close look at typical transformation processes and develop concrete starting points for the process in their own company.




Our coaching approach is versatile and is aimed not only at teams, but also at sustainability managers and managing directors. We support these key individuals during the transformation process by contributing our content expertise and our know-how in change management. Our individual coaching integrates sustainable ways of thinking into management structures and helps to develop long-term strategies


Sustainability management


Our sustainability management not only offers support in the development and implementation of sustainability strategies, but we also understand that some companies first need to find personnel for the topic within the organization. Therefore, we also offer interim management services to help during such transition phases. We bring our expertise to make this process smooth and help define and implement clear sustainability goals.


Implementation support


Our implementation support goes beyond the purely conceptual phase. We understand that the implementation of sustainable initiatives also requires technical and specialist expertise. That is why we draw on our broad network of implementation partners to provide support in this area. Through this collaboration, we offer practical assistance in the realization of sustainability goals. Our aim is to use resources efficiently and to support the change towards sustainability with sound specialist knowledge.

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