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Climate change is no longer just a future challenge, but it is already affecting us and companies today. Customers, investors, professionals and society as a whole are demanding transparency regarding the emissions associated with business activities and concrete measures to protect the climate. Companies are faced with the task of adapting their business models to the requirements of a low-carbon future and at the same time becoming more resilient to the effects of climate change. The expectations placed on companies in terms of sustainability, environmental protection and adaptability have become key factors for their long-term success. We support companies in the following areas, among others:


Corporate Carbon Footprint


We support you in preparing your carbon footprint across all aspects of your business activities (Scope 1, 2 and 3). We work with various software partners to make your emissions management as clear, transparent and effective as possible.


Climate Action


Based on the overview of your current emissions, we support you in developing climate protection concepts, concrete targets and catalogs of measures and, if necessary, have these subsequently confirmed by internationally recognized institutions (e.g. Science Based Targets Initiative)




Climate change poses numerous risks for companies. We support you in identifying current and future impacts of climate change on your business activities and developing adaptation strategies.




The implementation of climate protection measures, such as the expansion of photovoltaic systems or increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, requires experience and expertise. With our network of implementation partners, we are happy to support you in effectively translating goals into concrete measures.

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