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Implementing sustainability can be entertaining, too!

One of our objectives is to help you gain knowledge and skills, which is why we offer in-depth insights into sustainability as a principle, and how to enhance your personal skills: from productivity to meditation.


SDG Intro

Introduction to sustainability as a concept and the Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG Deep Dive

Focus on specific SDGs of interest, and the inter-play between different sustainability dimensions.

SDG Practice

Possible applications of sustainability in various domains (workplace, home office, private life, etc.)


Habit Trainings

Productivity Techniques

Working from Home

Sustainable Leadership Trainings

Effective Communication & Stress Management

Mediation & Negotiation Techniques


Sustainable Development in Action (SDiA)

The Sustainable Development in Action Conference is our flagship event, expertly developed annually to promote concrete actions towards sustainable development. SDiA 2018 was held in Heidelberg, Germany, and was organised in cooperation with the Heidelberg Centre for the Environment. 


#16hrs is one of the greatest virtual sustainability events. Last May we partnered up with leading sustainability businesses and international organizations to organize an exhilarating  event. With key-note speeches, interactive workshops and seminars led by the world’s sustainability experts, we offered our 70+ participants a comprehensive and fun look on sustainability.

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