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Marry the Berried Ice Tea, a startup from Austria, does everything they can to become more sustainable. They wondered how they can reduce waste and  move to a more circular business model. So we did a comprehensive market research to show which options for exist, assessed the sustainability and circularity of each alternative, developed a plan for them to transition to plastic-free packaging and developed a marketing and communication strategy.

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Asiahouse, a restaurant from Austria, was looking for sustainable ways to pack its dishes. Therefore, we helped our client to reach its goal by conducting a comprehensive market research and cost-benefit analysis that helps asiahouse to reduce its carbon footprint and waste and at the same time move towards a circular business model that helps reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.


In 2018, we organized the Sustainable Development in Action conference for the Heidelberg Center for the Environment of Heidelberg University. More than 100 participants from over 35 countries came to Heidelberg to listen to keynote speeches and work together on innovative solutions to foster sustainable development in workshops and action labs. 

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The Web and Graphic design agency ExnerDigital, is the co-organizer of our Taiwanese-German Sustainability Exchange Program 2021. We also supported ExnerDigital in its internal and external communication on sustainable development and on their focused SDGs. Moreover, we developed ideas to increase the employees’ sustainability awareness and presented suitable sustainable practices. Together, we were able to unleash the agency’s overall sustainability potential.

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