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MN People

Empowering Sustainable Development


Based in Heidelberg, Germany, we serve clients all over Europe. From local small businesses to international organizations - we have experts on the team that know exactly how our clients work, independent of their sector, size, or location.

We have offices in Heidelberg and Quito, but our team members, ambassadors, and experts work with us virtually and on a project basis from all over the world. Except for Antarctica, we are represented on every continent.

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The primary purpose of the Advisory Board is to monitor the work of Momentum Novum and make recommendations on how the organisation can improve. Further, the Advisory Board constitutes a valuable source of expertise and experience that supplement our work. 


Momentum Ambassadors are volunteer representatives of our organisation who are active in various professional areas, including academia, politics, diplomacy, business, education, and media.

Momentum Novum Ambassadors
Momentum Novum Experts

Momentum Experts are young professionals from academia, business, civil society, or politics, and they work with us on a project basis. They support our various consulting and educational services, as well as our research, with their expertise and experience. 

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