Gamze Coecen


Gamze joined the team at Momentum Novum as an intern and pursues a Bachelor of Education degree in English and Philosophy at the University of Tübingen. She particularly enjoys the task of analyzing abstract philosophical ideas and has always had a zeal for the English language and culture. In her bachelor thesis, she dealt with the aspect of gender polarisation in literature, while foregrounding the notions of race, cultural centrism, and femininity.


In addition to her studies, she attended seminars on Business & Management and Sustainable Development, which eventually shaped her interest in Sustainable Leadership. To learn more about sustainable business practices, she became part of an upcycling non-profit project which supports refugees.


At Momentum Novum, she hopes to contribute to the realization of a Green Economy.

Her areas of expertise are Environmental Ethics, Social Entrepreneurship, and Education/ Global Learning

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