Spreading knowledge, facilitating action

Bringing together experts, scholars, business leaders, and young professionals from across the world, we organise the annual Sustainable Development in Action Conference. Designed to educate and empower attendees, the conference includes: 


Innovative Action Labs that allow participants to develop their own projects focused on sustainable 

development; keynote lectures from a wide range of experts linking education and sustainable development; and, networking with representatives from the public sector, private sector, and civil society relevant to your organisation

We offer sustainability training and workshops for the members of your organisation, adapted to suit your needs. These seminars include: Introduction to the concept of sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals; effective communication of sustainability through multi-platform storytelling; planning & 

implementing community-led sustainable development projects; and, the creation of a manual on mainstreaming sustainable development.

Martina Vetrovcova 

Cofounder and President

Director of Education Services

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